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Audiology Services

Audiology Services

We offer a range of services to clients of all ages.

Hearing assessment:
Paediatric hearing assessment:
According to your babies/child's age and listening abilities one of the following test procedures will be used
  • Newborn baby screening as part of the Pretoria Baby Hearing Project which is also now enrolled in Unitas Hospital.
  • Visual responses audiometry using localization skills to determent hearing thresholds.
  • Play audiometry.

Children with central auditory processing difficulties does not process sounds and language the same in comparison to children with normal processing abilities.  They often do not hear small differences between words and may have difficulties to understand speech in the presence of background noise.  According to a child’s language and age auditory processing evaluations can be performed and treatment options will be discussed if necessary. 

Adult hearing assessment:
Conventional audiology will be used to determine a client's hearing abilities and sensitivity. Further referral or treatment options will be discussed when necessary. Screening and diagnostic industrial hearing assessments.

In-dept counselling and managing of tinnitus, this includes a full diagnostic hearing assessment and different management options will be discussed.

Balance assessments:
Diagnostic balance assessment can be performed using Video Nystagmography. Referral from medical practitioner is needed before these tests can be performed.

Auditory Brainstem Response:
We are able to perform Neurological- and Audiological Auditory Brainstem Responses as well as Auditory Steady State Responses on children and adults.

We have a wide referral network in case a client need any further assessment or treatments.


Hearing aid products/services:
  • Provide a variety of the latest hearing aid technologies from different manufacturers within different price categories.
  • Provide hearing aid assessments and fitting with independent advice.
  • Perform hearing aid fitting using Audio Scan (Verifit) verification methods.
  • Repairs and services for existing hearing aid users for all the major hearing aid manufacturers.
  • Basic cleaning and tubing replacements on hearing aids can be performed in the practice will client wait.
Other listening devices:
  • Trail, fitting and repairs of assistive listening devices for children and adults in the form of different FM options.
  • Trail, fitting and repairs of different BiCross/Cross systems for unilateral or single sided deafness/hearing losses.
  • Trail fitting and repairs of Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) devices.
Ear protection:
  • Customized ear protection for swimming/bathing or showering.
  • Customized noise/shooting protection now also available in combination with hearing aids as one device.
  • Customized music monitoring.
  • Customized snoring plugs.
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